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Starting in 2018 I had a personal mission to learn some new technologies, but I needed a project. Coming up with new projects isn’t easy, so I ended up deciding on

I built the project with the mission of learning React, NodeJS and GraphQL. Over time, I’ve also expanded the project a little to use NextJS for my backend to allow me to have server-side rendering of the pages.

Why Mox?

It’s a website I’ve always wanted to build, a simple tool for tracking your Magic: The Gathering decks, cubes and league membership all in one spot. I wanted to build the site I wanted to use and offer it to others, for free.

The name and logo are all inspired by the card Mox Saphire.

Mox Saphire

What’s next?

I plan on maintaining Mox for some time to come. Additionally, I’ve got some more features I’d like to add, including making the League management features publicly available to everyone.